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Controversial club night flyers on show in Leeds

An exhibition of flyers from one of the world's longest running club nights has gone on show in West Yorkshire.

Dance night Back To Basics began in Leeds in 1991. It was started by Dave Beer who is still the club's main promoter.

Mr Beer collaborated with graphic designer Nic Gundill to reproduce 20 years of original artwork for the exhibition, Excess All Areas.

The flyers are on display at The Leeds Gallery until 17 March.

Back To Basics said it prided itself on being "at the forefront of cutting edge dance music".

Much of the artwork is subversive and political - one image depicts Margaret Thatcher with three eyes and a long red tongue.

Other flyers show the Queen on the toilet, and staring out of the picture with snake eyes.

"We actually love the Queen, it's just that we like to have a pop at her as well," said Mr Beer.

"I suppose it's a Yorkshire trait. She's all right is Lizzie."

Careers launched

Back To Basics has been held at various venues in Leeds city centre, the latest of which is The Warehouse.

Mr Beer started the club night with Alistair Cooke, whom he met at art college.

Mr Cooke died in a car crash in 1993 on the way to a gig in Glasgow.

American DJs Josh Wink and Doc Martin are said to have made their UK debuts at Back To Basics.

The event claims to have helped launch the careers of Daft Punk and Basement Jaxx.

Mr Beer at one time managed Sisters of Mercy and Pop Will Eat Itself.

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