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Model of Dean Clough mill, Halifax, built from Lego

A building reputed to have once been the world's largest carpet factory is being immortalised in Lego.

Halifax's Dean Clough Mill in West Yorkshire was converted to an arts centre and commercial centre in 1982.

The Lego model of the 22-acre site, built by two volunteers, will be 35ft long x 8ft wide when finished.

Lego enthusiasts Tony Priestman, an IT specialist who works in Halifax, and Michael LeCount, a Sheffield primary school teacher, are building it.

Arts co-ordinator Vic Allen said about £10,000 worth of Lego had been used to date to build the structure.

Once finished, the model will be moved to one of Dean Clough's six art galleries and will go on permanent public display.

"The intention is to move the completed 35ft-long model into a special location which will house the 12ft chimney with ease," said Mr Allen.

'Lego purists'

Mr Priestman said he and Mr LeCount each spent three or four hours a week on the model, plus the occasional weekend.

After 18 months of construction, they have completed three of the main mill buildings.

Dean Clough's distinctive chimney, which is still topped with its original cast iron corona, will be 12ft high on the scale model.

Image caption The distinctive Dean Clough chimney will measure 12ft high on the scale model

Mr Priestman and Mr LeCount describe themselves as "Lego purists" and said that only standard retail items would be allowed in the model.

The bricks representing the sandstone are standard Lego beige and the stanchions are gearsticks from Lego cars.

Dean Clough's managing director Jeremy Hall said other options had been considered but Lego felt "immediately right".

"Dean Clough's prime virtue is the most difficult thing to demonstrate - and that's its scale," said Mr Hall.

"We considered producing an architectural model, but that lacked the imaginative 'edge' that has always characterised the site."

The 22-acre mill was once home to the Crossley Carpets factory and was converted to commercial units and an arts centre in 1982.

It is hoped that the model, including the surrounding valley and landscape, will be finished in 2014-15.

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