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Huddersfield pensioner battles dog-attack hawk

A pensioner has told how she wrestled a bird of prey as it attacked her dog at her West Yorkshire home.

Margaret McKever pulled the hawk from her nine-year-old Chihuahua Riso after the bird pinned him down in her garden.

The 74-year-old widow said: "I heard him screaming and this big bird was on top of him. I never thought of myself, I just wanted to save my dog."

Mrs McKever, from Huddersfield, then had to wrestle the hawk again after it followed Riso into her house.

Peck injuries

She said: "Three times I got it off and my door was open and he got in the house and it went after him.

"I picked it up and threw it out.

"It was a big thing. I have been told I could have been hurt."

Riso suffered peck injuries on his head and neck but is recovering.

Mrs McKever said: "He was traumatised for two days, but I was too.

"I couldn't believe where I got the strength from because I have arthritis in my knees but something just gave me the strength to move.

"I just said 'you're not going to get him, you're not going to kill him'."

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