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Disorder in West Yorkshire: six people arrested

Six people have been arrested after several incidents of public disorder across West Yorkshire overnight.

Five arrests came in Huddersfield where police said youths had tried to "copy the disorder and theft seen in other parts of the country".

In Wakefield, a 19-year-old woman was arrested after posting an invitation to a riot on Facebook.

Youths torched the Leeds carnival centre, destroying some of 40-year archive about the annual carnival.

Elsewhere, an Asda supermarket, a working men's club and a carpet shop were attacked.

Ch Supt John Robins, divisional commander of Kirklees police, said: "There have been a number of incidents of localised disorder last night [Tuesday] in communities around Huddersfield, but thankfully we have not had the serious urban disorder that other parts of the country have seen.

"It is clear that local youths were trying to copy the disorder and theft seen in other parts of the country, but thankfully the actions of brave police officers last night prevented this.

"Five local youths have been arrested for burglary and damage last night.

"We have set up criminal investigations into every single report and we will pursue those responsible relentlessly."

He said extra officers would remain on duty "to ensure that our communities, homes and businesses are kept safe".

Image caption Riot police were at the scene of the van fire in Harehills, Leeds

Tuesday night's disorder started at the town's Deighton and Sheepridge Working Men's Club where windows were smashed and a cash machine stolen by a group of youths.

A 26-year old man suffered a leg injury.

Dozens of youths surrounded the club, throwing bricks and stones at the building while people were inside.

Kevin Boyle, club member, said: "We were just under siege, just brick after brick, stones after stones coming through the window."

Minutes later four youths smashed windows at the Asda supermarket off Bradford Road and stole five televisions which were found abandoned in the car park after alarms were activated.

At 00:50 BST on Wednesday a group of people wearing masks broke into Chestnut Medical Centre on Chestnut Street, damaging the centre and stealing a cash machine and cash from a till.

At 01:17 BST, a failed attempt was made to set light to United Carpets on Union Street.

At the same time, John Brierley Ltd on Turnbridge Mills had a window smashed by a paving slab.

Burning van

In Leeds, arsonists targeted the carnival centre in Sheepscar at about 00:30 BST.

Preparations have been taking place there for the annual event, which takes place over the August bank holiday weekend.

Arthur France, founder of the longest-running West Indian carnival in Europe, said: "I cried this morning when I saw the damage.

"People are very, very upset. It is sad times when the carnival is so close."

Elsewhere in Leeds, a van was set alight during disorder in the Roundhay Road area of Harehills, late on Tuesday night.

One woman said she had been left "terrified" after her car was attacked by a group of teenagers as she drove through the area.

Katy Norville, 25, a medical rep from York, said: "They were running out into the road and trying to stop my car. There were big groups of them carrying big metal bars."

Meanwhile, student Niall McGlion, 20, is studying politics at the University of Leeds and travelled to Manchester on Wednesday to help with the cleaning operation.

He said: "I followed the Twitter feed for riot clean-ups and there's' a lot of stuff happening (on social media) at the moment so I thought I'd join in as well.

Mr McGlion said he had been taken aback as the events spread across the country over several days.

"The shops in Manchester that were targeted were those with shoes, fashion items and jewellery, people were just out for what they could get," he added.

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