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Bomb scare Wetherby over internet treasure hunt box

police cordon in Wetherby
Image caption Businesses were evacuated after police cordoned off an area of Wetherby

A controlled explosion was carried out in West Yorkshire on a suspect package which turned out to be part of a treasure hunt.

Bomb squads were called to a cafe in Wetherby, after a man was seen acting suspiciously before hiding a box under a planter.

The box contained wires and was thought to be a clue in an internet treasure hunt.

A 20-year-old man has been arrested on suspicion of causing a public nuisance.

A waitress working at The Gourmet cafe saw a man talking on a mobile phone and acting "furtively" before slipping a small plastic toolbox sealed with industrial tape beneath a planter.

'Distinctive markings'

The owner of The Gourmet Cafe, Karen Brittain, said her business was affected and has called for tighter measures on internet treasure hunts.

"It was a busy day and customers in the cafe had to leave. There should be distinctive markings on these types of boxes."

Local businesses were evacuated for a period of four hours, and a 100m (328ft) cordon was put in place.

Insp Marcus Griffith, from West Yorkshire Police, said they had to take the situation seriously.

"Until we are satisfied what the package is, we have to treat it as suspicious."

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