Chorley hospice staff 'heartbroken' after charity shop break-in

image source, Derian House
image captionA large hole was left in the ceiling of the building in Chorley

Staff at a children's hospice shop were left "heartbroken" after a burglar broke in and caused £1,000 in damage.

The intruder smashed a hole in the ceiling of the fundraising store for Derian House in Chorley, Lancashire, on Thursday.

The hospice had removed cash and goods from the shop but said it would have to spend more than £1,000 in donations to repair the damage.

People in the area have offered money to cover the costs.

Chief executive David Robinson said he was "overwhelmed" by their kindness, after one man gave £500 and several roofing firms offered to help.

'Overwhelming kindness'

He said: "You think, what sort of person would [break into] a children's charity, a charity that looks after sick and dying children?

"They must be in a really desperate place themselves, and if they are, I hope they're OK."

The break-in came at a time when the coronavirus lockdown had already "impacted the work we can do for families," Mr Robinson said.

"We are able to do that work but it's remotely. It's not the same kind of way that we would normally care for these very poorly children."

He said the hospice had seen its income "drop dramatically" and the incident had left staff "so upset".

After BBC Radio Lancashire put out a call for people to help, Mr Robinson added: "The response from the general public has been more than overwhelming. It's staggering really."

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