Coronavirus kindness: Making food parcels for the elderly

Sarah JayImage source, Sarah Jay
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Sarah Jay worked in healthcare before she retired

A retired carer is making her own food parcels and offering support to elderly people during the coronavirus outbreak.

Sarah Jay, 53, from St Annes in Lancashire, worked in healthcare including the ambulance service but gave it up to nurse her late parents.

Thinking of them having to face self-isolation "struck a chord with me" and she spent £200 on essentials.

"I don't want plaudits. I just want to help whether it's food or emotional support," she said.

'Tough times'

She said she was amazed at the response since she decided to do parcels on Monday - with her neighbour giving her £50 and other "incredible friends" donating everything from nappies to porridge oats.

Her local shop - which she does not want to name - ordered the stock on her behalf and is paying the VAT on it.

Image source, Sarah Jay
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Ms Jay is making up personal parcels for each person

"The donations are quite something as it is tough times for everyone," she said.

Ms Jay is making up personal parcels for each person - some may include pet food or diabetic-friendly products - and will sanitise them all to ensure it is safe then arrange to deliver them outside the homes of nominated elderly people over the next few days.

Older people are more at risk to Covid-19, Public Health England says.

Ms Jay said if her parents, who died a couple of years ago, were still alive she would be "petrified" for them as they would be vulnerable to the new virus.

"It can be frightening for people so I just want to help - I don't want plaudits or paying for it," she said.

"I want to do something positive and it's not just about a tin of soup - it is about making a personal connection and supporting them if I can."

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