Preston girl 'calmly' dials 999 after mum falls down stairs

Mia and Honour Ellery with Bentley
Image caption Mia Ellery was helped by her daughter after a fall at their Lancashire home

A six-year-old girl has been praised for the way she "calmly" dialled 999 after her mother fell down the stairs and lay unable to move.

Injured Mia Ellery did not have her phone at hand after the plunge at her Preston home, so called out for her daughter and pet Labrador Bentley.

Honour Ellery had her headphones on but the dog barked and got her attention before she called for an ambulance.

North West Ambulance Service has awarded the pair bravery certificates.

Ms Ellery said: "I lost my footing at the top of the stairs and ended up falling down. I couldn't move and must have blacked out for a moment.

"My daughter was in the living room on the sofa with her headphones on watching her iPad and couldn't hear me. I called Bentley."

Image caption Honour Ellery said she knew what to do in an emergency "because my teacher told me"

She said the dog then raised the alarm by barking until Honour took her headphones off.

Ambulance dispatcher Hannah Westworth said the youngster gave clear instructions before calmly waiting for the ambulance to arrive.

She said she was "very calm" and "gave me all the details I needed" during the 15 November accident.

Paramedic Natalie Tayburn said: "Honour met me outside and said 'be careful because mummy is behind the door'.

"She'd listened to everything the ambulance had told her to do before we arrived."

Honour said she knew what to do in an emergency "because my teacher told me".

Honour and Bentley were presented with their certificates with a presentation at Preston ambulance station.

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