Chorley girl, 9, hands treats to 'awesome' emergency staff

Note left on van Image copyright CHORLEY POLICE
Image caption One of the 12 notes was left on a police van thanking officers for doing an "outstanding job"

A nine-year-old girl sweetened the day for emergency service workers by delivering chocolates and thank you notes to let them know they are "awesome".

Eva Davies from Chorley, Lancashire, penned 12 different letters to NHS and police staff and left them on parked vehicles.

Chorley Police's Twitter account said the surprise "brightened" their day.

Eva's father said she had "made a few people happy".

Image caption Eva Davies thanked police in Lancashire for doing an "outstanding job"

She was moved to make the gesture after watching a YouTube clip of NHS staff and police officers doing their job.

The envelopes were addressed to "Emergency Service Worker" and placed on the window screen of police vans and ambulance vehicles.

One read: "You're awesome, my friends think you're awesome, enjoy the chocolate".

She also thanked police in Lancashire for doing an "outstanding job" and working "extremely hard".

The force then used Twitter to try to find Eva.

Her father Gary Davies, 40, said: "The police dropped me an email last night and said they'd like for her to come in and have a look around.

"They said they'd maybe try and make some time to go and see the police dogs and the mounted police, which she'd love."

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