Colne UB40 noise pest has speakers confiscated

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The man's neighbours did not share his love of pop-reggae band UB40

A man who blasted out UB40 songs so loudly that he made a neighbour's floors shake has had his sound system confiscated.

Pendle Council said an environmental officer sent to investigate the complaint in Colne experienced "one of the worst nuisances" he had witnessed.

Yet despite being warned, the Pendlemist View resident continued to play the distinctive pop-reggae music.

The council seized speakers and a sound bar following the 4 August incident.

The officer reported that he "physically felt the vibration from the bass being turned up so high", a council spokeswoman said.

She said that while the music was not measured in terms of decibels, it was at a level which was "stopping another person from enjoying their property".

The equipment was seized under the Environmental Protection Act.

The council added that the man would need to pay the authority's expenses to reclaim his equipment, and could still face prosecution.

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