Whittington bus cuts protester in high-vis hitch-hike

Duncan Foster hitch-hiking in his hi-vis vest
Image caption Duncan Foster says he and other residents feel "totally abandoned" as a result of the cut in services

A protester has taken up hitch-hiking in a high-vis jacket after cuts to his local rural bus service.

Duncan Foster dons a reflective vest which reads "Lift Please, No Buses" as he attempts to thumb down rides Whittington, Lancashire.

The local bus service has been cut from 111 buses per week to just one a day during term time.

Lancashire County Council said it could no longer afford to subsidise rural bus services.

Mr Foster, who usually drives, said the cuts do not directly affect him but he wanted to "represent neighbours who need regular buses to get to hospital appointments and to visit their families".

Councillor John Fillis, cabinet member for highways and transport, said: "Transport to rural areas has been particularly affected by reductions in council funding.

"I have written to the government to ask them to establish a special fund for rural buses in recognition of the difficulties faced by people in rural communities who rely on public transport."