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Lee Chestnutt free to leave Thailand after dispute

image captionLee Chestnutt, a chemical engineer, has lived in Asia for the past 20 years

A man stuck in Thailand after a legal dispute lasting three years has been told he can now leave the country.

Lee Chestnutt, of Pilling, Lancashire, was accused of criminal damage and stealing furniture by the landlord of a property he rented in Bangkok.

He was told the case had been resolved before Christmas, but the landlord said he would appeal against the decision and his visa was blocked.

His mother, Pat, said the appeal was not filed in time and he could go home.

She said it was "marvellous news", adding: "Lee now has the papers from court to say he is free to leave.

"It's been a rollercoaster ride, but he just wants to get home."

Mr Chestnutt's parents said charges against him were dropped in 2011 but he could not leave the country then as his former landlord lodged an appeal.

That appeal was not upheld in December and Mr Chestnutt thought he was free to come home.

However, the landlord applied to the Supreme Court to appeal for a second time and Mr Chestnutt's visa was blocked.

Mr Chestnutt, a chemical engineer who has lived in Asia for 20 years, was not able to gain a work permit while he waited for the appeal to be heard.

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