Burnley time-lapse film 'shows town in positive way'

A man from Burnley hopes a short film he produced about his home town will encourage people to see it in a more positive way.

David Halsted has produced the film, called Sleep Walking, by using time-lapse photography.

It shows the town through the seasons and at all times of the day and night.

He said he hoped it would provide a contrast to the images of terraced houses and industrial landscapes which are often used to portray the town.

He said: "People see bad press and publicity about the town, based on events that happened 15 or 20 years ago. They miss what Burnley's becoming.

"For me the things that make Burnley great are its links to the past and its new links to the modern.

"The railway viaduct is a stunning piece of Victorian architecture, against the modern, very recently-built college. Those kind of things fascinate me."

The six-minute film contains 8,000 photographs taken during "several weeks of wandering around". They were taken at intervals and put together to make a continuous film.

Mr Halstead has had talks with Burnley Borough Council about the possibility of using the film as promotional material, and has plans to use it in an art installation.

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