Blackpool couple want more control of dangerous dogs

A couple from Lancashire are calling for tougher measures to control dangerous dogs, after their pet dog was killed by two pit bull-type animals.

Their 12-year old Shih Tzu Scamp was attacked as they were walking near Peel Park, Blackpool.

He was shaken "like a rag doll" and every rib in his body was broken, his owners said.

Lancashire Police said they referred the "civil matter" to the council dog warden, who is investigating.

Owners Jacquie and Phil, who did not want to give their full names, said dogs should be muzzled when they are out in public.

'Felt terrified'

They said: "We felt terrified that the dogs could have gone for us.

"It's not the dog's fault, it's the owners. They had them out and they weren't on leads, they weren't muzzled. They were dangerous looking dogs and they weren't for letting our dog go.

"It's devastated the family, with the thought that those dogs are still out there, they could be doing it to another animal and putting a family through what our family's been through."

Fylde Borough Council said they are still investigating and cannot comment until the inquiry is complete.

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