New Call Telecom Mumbai call centre moves to Burnley

The Burnley call centre
Image caption New Call Telecom will move back to Burnley after three years in Mumbai

A telecommunications company is moving one of its call centres from India to Lancashire in a move that is expected to bring 100 jobs to the area.

New Call Telecom transferred its business to Mumbai three years ago, but increased costs has prompted it to move to Burnley.

The move will initially create 25 jobs which over the year will increase to 100, the company said.

Salaries are expected to be around the £14,000 mark.

Chief Executive Nigel Eastwood said: "Employees (in the UK) are loyal, unemployment rates are quite high.

"In contrast, in India jobs are plentiful and we suffer a lot from attrition.

"A similar call centre down the road may offer a more lucrative salary and pull staff away and we need to keep going out there for retraining."

'Pleasant' accent

He added that over the last year he had seen a growing trend in India for prices to increase in real estate, salaries and accommodation.

The price of the Burnley premises, which already have the necessary technology, contributed to the firm's decision to move.

Mr Eastwood said another draw for the company is that the east Lancashire accent is "quite pleasant and easy to understand".

He said: "The average call handling time in the UK should be reduced because people get their point across on the first pass, that makes us more efficient."

The new call centre is planned to be fully operational by mid-August.

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