Confiscation plan for wheelie bins left on streets

image captionBins would be confiscated and could be bought back for £11

Wheelie bins which are left on the street after being emptied could be confiscated under plans being considered by a Lancashire council.

Preston City Council plans to target bins left on pavements with a yellow sticker followed by a final red one informing that bins will be taken away.

Householders will need to pay £11 to get their bin back.

The authority hopes the proposal, under consultation, will reduce complaints about vandalism and obstructions.

A city council spokesman said: "Bins left on the street are a real hazard, make an area look untidy and become targets for anti-social behaviour and other crime.

"Everybody who leaves their bin out will receive a letter first, followed by the sticker notices to warn that we will remove the bins.

"Then, if they want their bin back it will cost them £11 as though they were ordering a new bin.

"We get 300 complaints a year about bins being left on the streets."

'Complained bitterly'

The proposals have been put forward by the Conservative-led authority before they leave office on Thursday.

Labour took control of the council in the recent election and are due to take charge of the authority.

Its deputy leader, Councillor John Swindells, said he did not expect to reverse the plans.

"People have complained bitterly about them being out on the streets all the time," he said.

"We have tried with education and neighbourhood management teams. Residents requested further action be taken."

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