Labour wins Hyndburn council from no overall control

The Labour Party has taken control of Hyndburn District Council in East Lancashire gaining four seats, including three from the Conservatives.

A minority Tory administration led Hyndburn but Labour, which also beat an independent, now has 18 councillors, with 14 Tories and three independents.

Tory leader Peter Britcliffe, who lost his seat, said: "It's the end of an era we've had 11 great years in charge."

Labour leader Miles Parkinson said "We had a long way to take back control."

He added: "The people of the borough have looked at what's been happening nationally and locally by the Conservatives and they have come out in their droves and voted for us."

Mr Britcliffe said: "We leave the council in a much stronger position than when we took over."

He added: "Obviously we are disappointed, but Labour are only just in front and we are still a credible fighting force in the borough and we will continue to do that."

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