Broadfields Park residents' LPG anger

Elderly residents at a mobile home park are refusing to pay their landlord because of the cost of their liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) supply.

The site owner at Broadfields Park in Morecambe has cut off the supply of those who will not pay.

Residents claim prices have increased sharply since Tony Hill bought it two years ago.

But Mr Hill said providing LPG had additional costs to those incurred in buying the supply.

Gerald Gudgeon said residents used to pay 42p a litre until Mr Hill raised it to 62p in the first year and to 1.04p just before Christmas.

He claimed 13 mobile homes had supplies cut off.

Hot water

"The reason we are refusing to pay is that it is extortionate. It is 104p per litre for liquefied petroleum gas, when we think he is obtaining it for the 45 to 50p mark," said Mr Gudgeon.

He normally uses LPG for his central heating and hot water but has been cut off. He is relying on other forms of heat, although he has no hot water.

Noel Bailey, 88, and his wife Joan, 90, said they only decided to pay because they were afraid of being left cold.

Mr Hill maintained he had other overheads: "It's not just a case of buying from the supplier we have costs which have to be built in."

He said residents had the option of changing to electricity.

Morecambe MP David Morris has called for residents to be reconnected and for the government to draw up a code of conduct for such sites.

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