Fears for poorly dog stolen from animal rescue centre

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Bleakholt staff are worried about Lucy's medical condition

An animal charity in Lancashire is appealing for burglars to return a dog which needs urgent medical treatment.

They broke into Bleakholt Animal Sanctuary at about 0050 GMT on Sunday and stole an 18-month-old Jack Russell terrier called Lucy.

Lucy has renal problems and was due to have a serious operation on Monday.

Manager of the rescue centre Neil Martin said: "We are very concerned about Lucy's condition. She needs this operation as soon as possible."

Staff are worried about the terrier's health as she also needs medication for her condition.

Greater Manchester Police, who said the offenders broke into the sanctuary using bolt-cutters, are examining the charity's CCTV.

Mr Martin said: "This isn't the first time we have had thefts of dogs. There have been three other cases over the last three years, but after appeals they have been returned, so I'm hopeful we get Lucy back, too.

"She is a very pleasant dog with people she knows but is very timid with people she doesn't know."

Anyone with information is asked to contact the police or Bleakholt Animal Sanctuary.