Family's heartbreak after Maidstone puppy boarder fatally injured

Lindsay Standen with Sashca Image copyright Lindsay Standen
Image caption Lindsay Standen said Sashca was part of the family

A family have told of their heartbreak after their puppy sustained a serious injury while being cared for by a dog boarding firm and had to be put down.

Lindsay Standen's pomeranian stayed at Maidstone Springers in Kent for two weeks with the family's other two dogs.

When they returned to collect Sashca, she was unable to walk and was in pain.

Owner Leslie Roberts said he did not know how the injury happened. Maidstone Borough Council has told him to stop operating as he has no licence.

Ms Standen, from Ashford, said 10-month-old Sashca was lifeless and her head was three times its normal size.

"Her head was down... her legs were all floppy.

"She wasn't excited to see us, her little tail wasn't wagging."

The family rushed Sashca to the vets, but she had to be put down on Thursday night.

Image copyright Lindsay Standen
Image caption The family still do not know what happened to Sashca

Mr Roberts said: "They are blaming me for something which, OK, I may have been at fault then because it's on my watch and I have a duty of care there.

"My duty of care extended to me taking the dog to the vets as soon as was practical.

"I, to this day, do not know what caused the injury to Sashca."

Image caption Leslie Roberts said he did not know how Sashca was injured

When asked by BBC South East if he accepted he needed a licence, Mr Roberts replied: "So I told Maidstone council originally when I started in 2016 I did not need a licence.

"When the regulations changed, I informed them I'm running a dog boarding business from inside my house.

"They elected never to send someone out. I reminded them in January this year and they have still not sent anybody out."

Maidstone Borough Council said it was "actively investigating" the matter.

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