No action over Rochester 'people smuggling' video

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Media captionFootage appeared to show a number of people emerging from a car transporter in Kent

A woman who filmed suspected illegal immigrants apparently being brought into Kent on a car transporter has been told no-one will be prosecuted.

Maggie Brown said she was "astounded" nothing would be done.

An email from the immigration enforcement agency told her there was insufficient evidence to charge anyone.

Keith Vaz, home affairs select committee chairman, said he shared her disappointment and would be writing to the director of public prosecutions.

Mrs Brown, who works at a business on a Rochester industrial estate, filmed the incident from behind mirrored glass there last August.

The video showed four men and a woman getting out of vehicles on transporter, believed to have come from Lithuania.

The email to Mrs Brown said immigration officers had been advised by the Crown Prosecution Service they did not have sufficient evidence to charge anyone.

But it added: "Your evidence and statement were invaluable and will be retained in case the investigation is reopened."

It said during the investigation, one person was arrested and charged with other offences not relating to the case.

Image caption Maggie Brown said she was astounded at the decision not to charge anyone

But Mrs Brown said: "What more evidence do you need? I'm just absolutely astounded.

"I would just next time just think 'oh well, what's the point, nothing's being done, so what's the point of taking any footage of anything'."

Mr Vaz said: "I share her disappointment. She's obviously a citizen wanting to do her duty in a proper way.

"I think at the very least she deserves a good explanation as to why action has not been taken.

"But I think generally the public will want to know why, why has nothing been done against those who have brought these individuals into the country."

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