Lightning strike shocks woman filming storm in Tunbridge Wells

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Media captionThe footage shows the lightning strike feet away from Ms Ford-Crush

A woman was thrown on to her bed when lightning struck a few feet from where she was filming a storm.

Susannah Ford-Crush, a photographer from Tunbridge Wells, was filming from her open bedroom window when a bolt of lightning hit scaffolding on a house next door.

She said her skin was left smelling smoky after the strike.

She said: "I was absolutely petrified, I'm still shaking now and I get static shocks when I touch metal."

In Gravesend, a man suffered burns to his hands as he was putting out a fire in his loft in Calderwood after lightning struck the house.

'Roaring flames'

Roy Thomas said he and his partner Tracey Shelton and her 15-year-old son Toby were woken by a "massive bang" and the burglar alarm going off.

"As soon as I opened the loft hatch I could see the flames roaring away but the whole space was full of smoke," he said.

"I tried to smother the flames with towels and bedding but it was too hot and I burnt my hands.

"Thankfully, the last wet beach towel I threw on it managed to smother the flames."

Mr Thomas was treated in hospital for his burns.

Ms Ford-Crush's footage shows lightning and torrential rain.

"I was leaning out of my window videoing the electrical storm which was absolutely wonderful to see.

"There's some scaffolding on the house next to me and unfortunately with the scaffolding sticking right up into the air, the lightning came down and I've had an indirect hit.

"It knocked me back on to my bed and I was only about four or five feet from the actual hit itself," she said.

Ms Ford-Crush said: "I'm a very lucky woman - I will be hiding in my closet if lightning comes again."

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