Prayers offered for Sheppey crash victims

The bridge after the crash
Image caption Dozens of people were injured in the Sheppey bridge crash, which involved 130 vehicles

Prayers are being said in churches across the Isle of Sheppey for people involved in the 130-vehicle crash on the A249 bridge.

Eight people were badly injured and 35 needed hospital treatment after the pile-up on the Sheppey crossing in fog on Thursday morning.

Vicar of Minster-in-Sheppey, the Rev Tim Hall, said: "It was an absolute miracle that no-one was killed.

"It isn't just me who has said that - the police and nursing staff said it."

All six churches on Sheppey are offering prayers for those injured and the families and friends affected.

"We are in contact with all kinds of people across the community," said Mr Hall.

"We will be giving thanks for all those who helped - the emergency services, doctors, nurses - and praying for all those still affected because there are some still in hospital.

"And we will be giving thanks that it was a disaster and not a tragedy."

Mr Hall said the island's churches offer prayers every day for people using the bridge, which opened in 2006 to connect Sheppey with mainland Kent.

"The bridge has made a huge difference to this island," he said.

"Before, people had to go across a bridge that opened regularly so they had to queue to get on and off.

"It is wonderful that the bridge is there and people can get to and from Sheppey easily."

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