Inspector Paul Sellwood says driving on phone to become taboo

Driving while using a mobile phone will eventually become as taboo as drink-driving, a Kent road policing inspector believes.

Insp Paul Sellwood was speaking after BBC Radio Kent obtained figures showing that the number of penalty notices issued to drivers in the county in 2012-13 was the lowest in five years.

Some 2,768 drivers were penalised, down from 4,535 in 2011-12.

But Insp Sellwood said a "sizeable number" would still use their phones.

In 2008-2009, 4,452 fines were issued to drivers in Kent for using mobile phones, rising to 5,980 in 2009-10 and 5,942 in 2010-11.

"Drink-driving has become taboo amongst many drivers although there are still a small percentage that offend," Insp Sellwood said.

"I think mobile phone use will become like that - it will become taboo in time but we've got to keep pushing the message out.

"There are still a sizeable number of motorists that will use their phones."

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