Jim Davidson snubbed by Canterbury's Marlowe Theatre

image captionJim Davidson was banned from appearing at a theatre in Norwich in September 2011

Comedian Jim Davidson has been told he cannot perform at a theatre in Kent.

Managers at Canterbury's Marlowe Theatre said they did not want to book him because his material would upset supporters and patrons of the venue.

Theatre director Mark Everett said: "He can be very racist, he can be homophobic, he can be very unpleasant about people with disabilities."

Davidson, 59, who says he is not racist or homophobic, expressed his disappointment in a message on Twitter.

The comic has performed previously at the Marlowe Theatre, including an appearance at a tribute show for Kent comedian and pantomime star Dave Lee, who died in January 2012.

Mr Everett said Davidson "tended to use more than the average amount of foul language in some people's view".

'Political reasons'

"That is his act and there is no way I want to censor that, but I'm very conscious that a lot of people find that very offensive," he explained.

In a blog on his website, Davidson said he doubted the reasons given for the decision.

"I suspect that they are political. I am not alone at being banned from there.

"It would seem that one man decides what the town can watch. It is a bit odd seeing that it is a council venue. Still, it's his decision."

During a recent interview with BBC South East, Davidson defended his brand of comedy.

"I'm fed up of being called racist, sexist and homophobic - I am not.

"Come and see me, judge me as what I am today, not in 1970. Don't fall into the trap of perception."

In September 2011, the comedian was banned from appearing at the Theatre Royal in Norwich after it was alleged he had been rude to staff in the past.

The Marlowe Theatre reopened in October 2011 after the old venue was demolished and rebuilt.

High-profile performers such Orlando Bloom, Joanna Lumley, Jools Holland, Timothy West and Prunella Scales supported a £4.2m campaign to help fund the scheme.

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