Folkestone Academy 'outrage' over drivers using pavements

image captionBeau Mallett said there were "kids all over the place" and cars driving up and down the path

Motorists filmed driving on pavements outside a Folkestone school are being investigated, Kent Police have said.

The footage, filmed by Beau Mallett who lives near Folkestone Academy, shows drivers mounting the pavements and driving along the pathway.

A spokesman for Kent Police said it was monitoring the situation and would be taking action.

Insp Mark Smith said officers would contact owners of vehicles identified from the film which was put on YouTube.

Mr Mallett said: "I just saw one car after another just drive past on the path outside my house, opposite the school.

'Absolutely outrageous'

"It's absolute chaos. It's just an accident waiting to happen really.

"You've got kids running all over the place, they've come out of school, and then you've got cars driving up and down the path.

"Something's got to be done about it."

Associate head teacher Warren Smith said: "It's frequently busy at the front of the school but for cars to take it upon themselves to mount the pavement to avoid the traffic is absolutely outrageous."

He said the school had made referrals to police who were taking action and had written to parents to tell them there was a preferred collection point on a safer road with better access and less congestion.

Insp Smith said: "We will continue to monitor the activity around the academy and take appropriate action.

"We will, however, be contacting the registered owners of the vehicles identified from the footage posted on YouTube."

He said the Shepway Community Safety Unit, which included police and Kent and Shepway councils, had developed a pilot scheme for tackling school parking issues and four schools were taking part in it.

The scheme, if successful, would be used at other schools across Shepway, he added.

The Folkestone Academy was not part of the pilot because the project began before the footage came to light, he said.

media captionThe footage shows drivers mounting the pavements and driving along the pathway

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