Ivan Esack jailed for murdering wife Natalie

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Kent Police said Esack did everything he could to control his estranged wife

A former policeman has been jailed for at least 28 years for murdering his estranged wife at her hair salon.

Ivan Esack, 38, of Ashford, was sentenced to life in prison for the murder of 33-year-old Natalie Esack.

He admitted stabbing her 11 times at her salon in Ashford High Street but said he was suffering from diminished responsibility. He was found guilty of her murder on Friday.

The judge said he "cut down and killed" Mrs Esack in the prime of her life.

Judge Charles Byers at Maidstone Crown Court told Esack he had shown no remorse for his actions.

'Calculated killing'

He continued: "Not only did you take her precious life but in doing so you devastated the lives of so many around her.

"You had previously made her life a misery, subjecting her to repeated physical and verbal abuse.

"And yet she never offered you any malice, not of any sort.

"You are a controlling man and the only way that you could continue to control her life was to take it from her.

"You had no other intention that day other than to kill her. This was a calculated, premeditated killing planned to the minute."

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Ivan Esack, 38, was described as a "calculated, premeditated" killer by Judge Charles Byers at Maidstone Crown Court

Esack's trial at Maidstone Crown Court lasted four weeks. The court heard Esack stabbed his estranged wife with such ferocity the 8in (20cm) blade bent and the tip broke off.

The jury was told he carried out the attack because he failed to come to terms with his estranged wife's new relationship with Justin Khadaroo.

In the run-up to the murder in April 2012, she was subjected to a series of threatening text messages and calls which left her a "nervous wreck and absolutely petrified".

During one telephone conversation, when she asked him what her options were, Esack replied: "Death, death, death."

The case will now be the subject of an independently chaired, multi-agency review which is expected to report in February.

Ivan Esack worked for Kent for seven years until January 2010 and was based at Maidstone police station.

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