Medway Poachers Pocket pub attack car 'used as weapon'

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Media captionTony Morgan was left on the ground with broken ribs after the attack which happened in broad daylight

A driver who reversed his car into a pub landlord after a parking row used his vehicle as a weapon, Kent Police have said.

Tony Morgan, licensee at the Poachers Pocket pub in Walderslade, Medway, was taken to hospital with broken ribs after the attack.

Detectives released CCTV footage of the incident on Monday in a bid to trace the offender.

Mr Morgan said he was lucky not to have been more seriously injured.

He said: "I thought he was leaving the premises and before I knew it I heard the wheels spinning and I was knocked across the car park."

'Got off lightly'

He added: "If somebody's in a car park that they shouldn't be in, and somebody approaches them and says you shouldn't be here you just expect, most people would just apologise and leave.

"We've had it on many occasions before and I expected no different on this occasion."

Image caption Mr Morgan said he was lucky not to have been more seriously injured

Mr Morgan said he was in so much pain after the attack, he thought his injuries were more serious.

But he added: "Luckily, I think maybe owing to the size I am, I got away quite lightly."

Det Con Mark Silk said: "It was a very serious attack. The suspect clearly intended to use his vehicle as a weapon against the landlord."

'Argument ensued'

Police said Mr Morgan was in the car park outside the pub when the Peugeot 307 pulled up.

Mr Morgan informed the driver he could not park there, but an argument ensued.

The driver tried to hit Mr Morgan, who evaded the punch and grabbed the window, but the driver managed to get away, police added.

CCTV then showed Mr Morgan walking back to the pub before the car reversed into him, knocking him to the ground.

Appealing for information, police said the vehicle made off along Walderslade Road in the direction of Wayfields at high speed on 29 September at about 12:35 BST.

Anyone who has information about the incident, or a man who got out of the car before the attack happened, is urged to contact Kent Police.

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