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Unexploded WWII bomb safely detonated off Kent coast

An unexploded wartime German bomb found off the coast of Kent has been safely detonated, coastguards have said.
The 500lb (226kg) device was discovered by a dredger in Dover harbour on Monday but it could not be made safe as the tidal conditions were not right.
Dover Coastguard worked with a four-man Royal Navy bomb disposal team from Portsmouth to move it to a remote area.
A spokeswoman said it was detonated at 08:45 BST, three-and-a-half miles (5.6km) east of Deal Pier.
The World War II explosive was 3.3ft (1m) in length and was said to have had fins which had rusted off.

'Poor condition'

Warnings were broadcast to vessels in the area before the explosion, and a one-mile cordon was put in place during the operation.
No major shipping movements in the area were affected.
Royal Navy spokesman Lt Dan Herridge said the explosion was carried out at a depth of 49ft (15m) and caused a 50ft (15.2m) high plume.
He said: "We don't come across this size of bomb that often.
"This one was in poor condition and we could not tell if the fuses were intact or not, so the safest option was to take it out away from the busy shipping lanes and dispose of it as soon as we could."

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