Knife-wielding Louis Morgan jailed for stamping on partner's head

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Louis Morgan attacked his partner Rhiannon Mills before attempting to kill neighbour Gwen Kaplan

A man who stamped on his partner's head and then tried to kill her neighbour has been jailed for 20 years with five more years on extended licence.

Louis Morgan, 34, attacked Rhiannon Mills outside her home in Immingham, North East Lincolnshire.

He then smashed his way into 66-year-old Gwen Kaplan's house before attacking her with two kitchen knives.

Morgan, of Manvers Street, Hull, admitted attempted murder and causing GBH with intent.

Sheffield Crown Court heard Morgan had been dating Miss Mills of Sunningdale Drive, Immingham, for several weeks after they met on Tinder.

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Morgan was heard to have a history of convictions for domestic violence

Prosecutor Jeremy Evans said that on 12 February Miss Mills had gone to Mrs Kaplan's home "in a state of distress", urging her to call the police before returning home.

"What followed was a sustained and brutal attack witnessed by a number of neighbours," he said.

Morgan punched and kicked Miss Mills in the head and stomach before stamping on her head.

One witness said he was holding Miss Mills' daughter under his arm as he attacked her, kicking her like "a football".


As Morgan crouched next to her outside her home he shouted to Mrs Kaplan "Is the ambulance on its way?"

She said it was, before calling him an "animal".

Mr Evans said Morgan "instantaneously" attacked the neighbour's front door before going back inside to grab a kettle which he used to smash his way through her front window.

Once inside Morgan grabbed two knives and chased Mrs Kaplan into her bathroom where he stabbed her repeatedly in the head and face.

A recording of the 999 call was played in court during which Mrs Kaplan can be heard in a state of panic as Morgan forced his way in to her house.

At one stage she is heard screaming as Morgan shouts "Am I an animal?" before the line goes dead.

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Morgan admitted attempted murder and GBH with intent

When officers discovered Mrs Kaplan inside her home they described her as being "at death's door".

Mr Evans said Mrs Kaplan was a "Good Samaritan who was targeted simply for trying to assist Miss Mills".

The court heard he had a history of domestic violence, including attacking a former partner with a vacuum cleaner and knocking her teeth out.

Defending Morgan, Julian White said he had described himself as having a "Jekyll and Hyde character", capable of swinging between "happy go lucky and uncontrollable rage".

In a statement read out in court Miss Mills said Morgan had "ruined" her life.

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Prosecutor Jeremy Evans said Morgan's victims were 'lucky to escape with their lives'

Judge Jeremy Richardson QC said Morgan's actions had had a "life shattering" effect on Miss Mills.

He said: "You are a deeply maladjusted individual who poses a very considerable danger of visiting exceptionally serious violence on the public."

Outside court Mr Evans said: "This was a sustained and brutal attack on two completely defenceless women. Both were lucky to escape with their lives."

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