Grimsby family span six generations

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Media captionAnother British family have become members of the "six-generation club".

Another British family have become members of the "six-generation club".

The family, from Grimsby, include Lily Fitzgerald, 96, and the generations down to her great-great-great grandson Harvey, who was born on Monday.

It comes after a family from Bradford became what was believed to be the only family in the UK to span six generations, on Christmas Day.

According to Guinness World Records the most generations alive in a single family has been seven.

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Image caption Lily with her grandson and great-great grandson, who is Harvey's father

Mrs Fitzgerald said she was "flabbergasted" to become a great-great-great grandmother.

"I cannot fathom how I have got all these generations, but anyway I am thrilled to bits," she said.

The six generations

  • Lily was born in 1920
  • Her son, Henry, was born in 1937
  • Henry's son, Stephen (Lily's grandson) was born in 1956
  • Stephen's daughter, Donna (Lily's great-granddaughter), was born in 1979
  • Donna's son, Stephen (Lily's great-great-grandson), was born in 1998
  • His son Harvey was born three days ago - he is Lily's great-great-great grandson.

Her grandson Stephen Barley, 60, is Harvey's great-grandfather.

He said he was very "proud" of the family and all its generations.

"I cannot believe we have reached this milestone - six generations.

"We all love each other, we are all from Grimsby in the family, and I just think its good to have a nice story come out of the town."

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