Hull driver's parking fine cancelled after warden moves cone

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Media captionThe warden was filmed moving a cone before issuing the fine

A motorist has had a parking fine cancelled after he filmed a warden moving a cone next to his car before issuing the penalty.

Harvey Saunders captured the incident on a video camera mounted in his car in Hull.

He claimed there were no parking restrictions next to the bay where he parked in Queens Road on Wednesday.

Hull City Council said it had rescinded the ticket and an investigation had been launched.

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Mr Saunders said he was "incredibly disappointed" by the incident.

"I returned a few hours later to find my car was suddenly parked in a coned-off no-parking zone and I had a ticket," he said.

A council spokesman said: "When we need to suspend parking bays temporarily we place portable cones on the road or footpath.

"Unfortunately, people moving them is not uncommon, as happened in this case which can result in us taking enforcement action.

"The officer was correct to return the cone to the original location but not to use it as evidence to issue a ticket in this instance."

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