Bomb squad blows up RAF weaponry on beach near Mappleton

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Media captionVisitors to the beach area around Mappleton in East Yorkshire have been warned about unexploded military ordnance

Visitors to part of the East Yorkshire coast have been warned to look out for live ammunition after the army bomb squad had to carry out a controlled explosion on a beach.

Officers blew up the RAF weaponry found on a beach it formerly used as a bombing range.

The ordnance was found on Easter Monday on the beach about 1.5 miles (2.4km) south of Mappleton.

Bad weather may have dislodged it from the ground or a cliff.

Vigilance warning

An exclusion zone was set up around the device before a bomb disposal team arrived from Catterick Garrison.

Chris Cook, from Hornsea Coastguard Rescue Team, said: "We would like to remind visitors to the area especially around the Cowden area to be vigilant while on the beach.

"This area is known for ordnance as the area used to be used a bombing range by the RAF.

"It is not uncommon for objects to fall out of the cliffs and with recent cliff falls due to the weather it is possible objects may have been dislodged.

"We would ask that if anyone does come across any object that they think could be ordnance that they don't touch or move the object, that they keep a safe distance and call 999 and ask for the coastguard."

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