Warning issued over legal highs in North Lincolnshire

Ten hospital admissions linked to legal highs in North Lincolnshire have prompted a warning someone could be "one purchase away from fatality".

The county's director of public health said the admissions in the last two weeks included a 14-year-old.

Legal highs are substances that can mimic the effects of illicit drugs but are not controlled under the Misuse of Drugs Act.

Humberside Police are investigating the incidents.

Frances Cunning, director of public health, said: "We are issuing a warning to residents and shopkeepers about the true effects of these substances.

"Whilst some of these substances may be legal to sell they are not intended for human consumption."

He added: "Put in very simple terms we are concerned that we could be just one purchase away from fatality or serious injury in North Lincolnshire."

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