Elsham Wolds RAF museum unveils memorial to Halifax crew

A memorial has been dedicated to the crew of a Halifax bomber which crashed outside Broughton, near Scunthorpe, during World War II.

Six Royal Canadian Air Force men and a 20-year-old Royal Air Force Volunteer Reserve (RAFVR) were killed when the plane went down in February 1944.

Businessman Ken Scott, who witnessed the crash as a six-year-old boy, said he wanted to honour the seven men.

The memorial was unveiled at Elsham Wolds RAF Museum on Sunday.

Mr Scott said: "Not only do the crew deserve something better than a hole in the ground but so do the families.

"They need something which they can visit, somewhere they can feel at ease with their family members and where they can honour them."

The dedication of the memorial was attended by Major Terry Ledrew, from the Canadian Air Force, and members of RAFVR Robert Loughrin's family.

Later, a service was held at All Saints Church, in Elsham, for members of the Elsham Wolds RAF association.

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