Owner claims cat, 25, is UK's oldest

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Media captionMargaret spurns regular cat food

A woman from East Yorkshire claims her cat is the oldest in the country.

Sarah Dixon, 43, from Stamford Bridge, said her moggy Margaret was one month away from celebrating her 25th birthday and is still going strong.

Ms Dixon claims her pet's special diet of tuna, chicken, cream crackers and cheese is the key to her long life.

"She would never eat cat food, apart from an odd cat biscuit, which she can't eat now because she hasn't got many teeth," said Ms Dixon.

"But she's always eaten chicken, tuna, cream crackers and cheese."

Ms Dixon, who also owns another cat called William, aged 15, said she was just 18 when she got Margaret a few weeks after she was born.

'Meditate together'

Margaret has also shared some memorable occasions with her owner.

"We've been through so many things together. I had a home birth so she was there at the birth of my two daughters. She was with me in the shared house during my student days.

"She's very calm... I do a little bit of meditation each morning and she sits with me. That's been a thing that we've done together," added Ms Dixon.

In 2007, a cat in Shropshire called Pussywillow, aged 26, was claimed to be the oldest in Britain after the death of Spike in 2001, who was 31.

However, Margaret has still a long way to go if she wants to break the world record for the oldest cat ever, which was set by Creme Puff who lived with her owner in Texas, USA, until her death in 2005 at the age of 38.

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