East Yorkshire charity appeals for spare rooms for homeless people

People with spare rooms are being asked to offer them to homeless young people in East Yorkshire.

The charity Safe and Sound Homes (SASH) is looking for more volunteers to cope with an increase in demand.

It said accommodation had been found for more than 40 people since launching the service in October last year.

SASH director Peter Robinson said he was "very heartened by the response we've had from the community".

'Deserve a chance'

Mr Robinson said the scheme was set up in response to a recent government report which identified East Yorkshire as an area with higher-than-average numbers of young people sleeping rough.

"Overwhelmingly the reason they become homeless is due to family breakdowns," said Mr Robinson.

"What we are trying to do is to intervene at a point of crisis in their lives and help them to avoid to getting into that sort of spiral which can lead them into a more hardcore street homeless lifestyle."

People offering a room get expenses from the charity to cover food and other costs.

The scheme is designed to provide short-term accommodation, ranging from just one night to up to two weeks.

The charity said both the homeowners and the homeless person must agree to undergo criminal record checks.

Laura Crutchley, from East Yorkshire, has been involved in the scheme for the last two months.

She said that initially she had doubts about offering a room, because she has two young children.

She said: "We were advised by SASH that each young child that comes into your home is police checked.

"They're very honest with what the children have had in the past. They're just normal young people that have been dealt a poor hand in life. They deserve a chance."

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