Arvidas Skrinskas 'murdered over sat-nav row'

A man was stabbed and strangled and then buried in a shallow grave on Christmas Eve following a row over a stolen sat-nav, a court has heard.

Arvidas Skrinskas, 25, from Scunthorpe, was found dead in January 2012.

Hull Crown Court heard Aleksandras Aleksiunas, 26, had accused him and his girlfriend of stealing the sat-nav during a car journey weeks earlier.

Mr Aleksiunas, of Burke Street, Scunthorpe, denies murder and false imprisonment.

Arundas Gervelis, 24, of Dale Street, Scunthorpe, also denies false imprisonment.

'Extremely obsessed'

Timothy Roberts QC, prosecuting, said Mr Aleksiunas believed Mr Skrinskas, of Sheffield Street, and his girlfriend Agne Jozenaite had stolen the sat-nav on a journey together to Gainsborough early in December 2011.

The court was told how Mr Aleksiunas became "extremely obsessed" by the idea that someone had stolen the device and he "took the law into his own hands".

Mr Roberts said that on Christmas Eve Mr Aleksiunas confronted the couple and asked them to get in a car which he then drove around Scunthorpe.

"In a rather sinister way, he asked the couple if they had brought a shovel or spade with them," Mr Roberts said.

The court heard how the two defendants drove Mr Skrinskas and Ms Jozenaite to Mr Aleksiunas's mother's house, where a shovel was taken from the property and placed in the boot of the car.

Shallow grave

The jury was told that Mr Aleksiunas lifted up layers of his clothing to reveal a large knife to the couple.

When Ms Jozenaite was taken home to change her clothes, she returned to the car only for it to speed off with Mr Skrinskas still inside, Mr Roberts said.

It was the last time she saw him alive, he added.

The court was told Mr Skrinskas was killed at about lunchtime and his body was dumped in a shallow grave and covered with leaves in woodland close to Humberside Airport.

It was later found by police on 10 January.

A Home Office pathologist who examined Mr Skrinskas's body concluded he had been stabbed with a knife and died as a result of strangulation by ligature.

The trial continues.

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