Humberside Police issues 'dogging' warning

People gathering for sex in lay-bys along a main road in East Yorkshire are being given warning leaflets by police.

Officers have been monitoring the area along the A165 near Coniston after complaints about so-called "dogging".

Humberside Police said 18 people had been spoken to in one month. Some were found half-dressed, but claimed to be there for "legitimate reasons".

Hedges have been cut down to deter would-be participants.

The force said it was responding to concerns expressed by residents in the small village of Coniston, which is outside Hull.

Although the area is rural, there are a number of houses near to where the leaflets have been issued on the A165, which runs between Hull and Bridlington.

The force told residents their investigations had discovered a number of people at the sites.

Behind hedges

In a statement, the force said: "We have listened to the community regarding their concerns as we have received a number of complaints from members of the public who have attended in these areas for legitimate reasons and have found people in varying states of undress engaging in various sexual activities.

"The make-up of the sites and the state of the hedges, shrubbery and trees also make the area ideal for these types of activities to take place.

"This was previously an issue at the two nearby lay-bys as well.

"However, these two lay-bys have been suitably pruned and cleared to reduce the opportunities of engaging in this type of activity.

"Regular checks have been made of these areas throughout December.

"At least 18 individuals have been spoken to in these locations.

"All claim to be there for legitimate reasons and were given advisory leaflets. No offences have been found and no reports from the public have been received."

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