Police concerned about Hull pub breathalyser

Humberside Police has said it has "concerns" over a breathalyser which has been installed in a pub in Hull.

The Old Zoological is thought to be the first pub in the city centre to install the machine, which costs £1 to use.

PC Keith Ward, from Humberside Police, said: "I would hate to think people are going to be relying on these types of machines and taking the risk."

Landlord Andy Joplin said the machine had proved popular since it was installed last week.

Mr Joplin, who runs the pub on Princess Avenue, said: "We've had a very good response especially for people who have been to the football games.

'False security'

"They'll have a couple of pints before the match, go to the game, come back and they can check themselves before jumping in the car."

The breathalyser gives three readings when the user blows into the machine - OK, warning and dangerous.

Mr Ward, a casualty reduction officer for the force, said he did not believe the machine should be relied on.

"The breathalysers that the police use are calibrated devices," he said.

"I would ask the question, what calibration does this machine have, is it going to give you a false security? At the end of the day you could lose you driving licence.

"The safest limit is zero," said Mr Ward.

Mr Joplin said the machine would be recalibrated every six weeks.

"As long as some good comes out of it, it's worth it. If it makes one person a day think 'I'll leave my car' or stopped a fatality, it's worth it."

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