Find out about Life on the Docks: The People's Archive


BBC Look North is running a project to celebrate the importance of the Humber docks.

The port industries of Hull, Grimsby and Goole were among the biggest in the world from the 1950s to the 1970s.

Hundreds of trawlers and cargo ships were based in these ports.

Life on the docks became a generational rite of passage for many families on both sides of the river.

From trawlermen to fish filleters, timber workers to crane drivers, everyone who grew up in Grimsby, Hull and Goole either worked on the docks at some stage or was related to someone who did.

BBC Look North gathered personal reminiscences and uncovered rare archive footage, some filmed by the dock workers themselves.

The material was edited into a series of short films which gives an insight in to an industry and culture that has largely vanished.

From industrial disputes to the free-spending fishermen and their long suffering wives.

The films shed light on some of the hardships suffered by both the dockers and the fishermen where, in the past, health and safety did not exist.

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Life on the Docks: The Unions

Jo Makel takes a look at the history of labour relations in the Humber ports.

Life on the Docks: Trawlermen

Jo Makel on the rise and fall of the region's fishing community.

Life on the Docks: The future

How green energy might make the Humber ports boom again.