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East Yorkshire man builds car out of recycled materials

A former accountant has built a car mostly made from recycled objects.
Stephen Crawford, from Driffield, created his 21ft (6.4m) long wooden car using old mahogany window frames, cake tins and scrap materials.
Based on a famous 1924 racing car, Mr Crawford's version took nearly three years to build on his farm in Enthorpe.
He said: "We decided to build it out of what we had here. The throttle system is the head of a piston which is fantastic and it works beautifully."
Mr Crawford added: "The wing stays are made from the water pipes from the farm, but the piece de resistance was a brainwave I had when I was shopping in the supermarket and they were selling cake tins at buy one get one free - they're perfect headlamps.
"To the untrained eye nobody can tell it's made from scrap materials."

Childhood dream

Like regular cars, it is taxed, has MOT and runs on petrol. Insurance for the year costs just £88, which is cheaper than most vehicles.
"It's remarkably similar to a modern car, believe it or not," said Mr Crawford. "It's very smooth; there are no rattles and bangs.
"It drives very well. It's got pretty good acceleration as it's got a fairly large engine in it."
Ever since he saw the 1924 Hispano Suiza wooden rally car, the former accountant, who now runs a holiday home, has wanted to build his own version.
"It goes back to when I was 18 and I saw the car for the first time in a magazine," he said.
"I fell in love with it. I thought it was wonderful and at 18, you have neither the time nor the money and ability.
"Now that I'm retired I've got more time on my hands and although this isn't an exact copy, it's inspired by it."