Memorial for Lockington train crash victims

Victims of a train crash in East Yorkshire 24 years ago have been given a permanent memorial.

Nine people died and dozens were injured when a train derailed after colliding with a van at Lockington, near Beverley, on 26 July 1986.

Families of the victims and survivors raised £1,000 to pay for the granite memorial, which was unveiled in a ceremony in nearby Driffield.

They said they were delighted with the memorial, but it was long overdue.

Survivor Richard Myerscough said people affected by the crash felt they had been forgotten.

He said: "They became victims again by the sheer fact that they were forgotten and it's a bitterness that won't go away."

David Carter, whose son was killed, said: "I think this should be the final closure. Having that collective memorial with the others who lost their lives out there means a lot to us."

Paul Rounding, the mayor of Driffield, said it was a mistake that Driffield and Bridlington's town councils had not paid for a memorial sooner.

He said: "It's disappointing because we do do memorials and it's something that should be remembered I believe."

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