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Worcestershire children 'save mother' who falls ill

image copyrightTrina Hinton
image captionLibby and Archie rang their granddad, wrapped their mother in towels and tried to give her a sugary drink

A mother who fell into a diabetic coma has said she would probably not be alive if her six-year-old daughter had not called her granddad.

Trina Hinton, 43, a type 1 diabetic from Worcestershire, woke up after the episode to find paramedics with her.

They told her that her daughter Libby had phoned her granddad, tried to give her a sugary drink and held her hand.

Libby and brother Archie, four, also wrapped her up in towels and tidied their bedroom while waiting for help.

Ms Hinton, from Alfrick, has been diabetic for nearly 20 years.

She said she had the unexpected episode after going for a shower on Thursday night.

What is type 1 diabetes?

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It's an autoimmune condition - the immune system attacks the cells of the pancreas which produce insulin

This results in insulin deficiency which means the body cannot regulate blood sugar

Scientists think the condition often follows a trigger such as a viral infection

Find out more about diabetes

"I had picked the kids up from school, did homework and had tea and went up for a shower and that was the last thing I think I remember.

"Two hours later I woke up to the paramedics."

She could have been there all night and she might not have "made it", she said.

She added: "I have always taught the children to use the phone as it so important, especially as I am on my own. I always encouraged them to ring their grandparents.

"Libby told me she did not cry until her granddad arrived."

'Tearful' on phone

She attributed the episode to following a new diet which might have affected insulin levels and said she would not be doing so again.

Trevor Berry, Libby's grandfather, said she had been a little tearful when she rang him, and worried that her mother was dead.

"I didn't want to believe it and asked her to put her mum on, but she said she was upstairs in the bathroom," he said.

Mr Berry made the six-mile journey to the house and said both children were calm once he had arrived.

He said Libby had helped him to give the full address to the emergency services and that Archie had been "as good as gold".

"I am so thankful her mum took her through how to use the phone," said Mr Berry. "She acted well beyond her age."

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