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Worcestershire garden roof salad factory opens


A Worcestershire food producer has opened its new £30m eco-friendly salad factory which has a garden on the roof.

The curved roof at Kanes Foods' new unit at its Middle Littleton site, near Evesham, is covered in grass and native wild flowers.

The company said it was designed to blend in with the surrounding Cotswold Hills and helps to control the temperature of the building.

It also uses solar panels to heat water and produce electricity for the plant.

Botanist James Wong, who laid the final turf on the roof, said: "If you look at the Cotswold Hills and this field you wouldn't have any idea that beneath 10 cms of substrate there's not only a factory, there's offices and an indoor farm all in one building."

Kanes Foods said the grass on the roof would be strimmed once a year.

It said when the factory was working to capacity it aimed to pack more than three million bags of salad a week.

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