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Homes damaged by strong winds in Worcestershire

Some homes have been left damaged by strong winds in Worcestershire.

Properties in Redditch were damaged and trees were uprooted near Inkberrow. The Met Office could not say if funnel clouds or a tornado were present following eyewitness accounts.

The roof of a stable block at Knowle Fields Barn Farm, just outside Inkberrow, ended up stuck in trees.

Farm owner Adele Leigh said she was insured but did not know how much the damage would cost to repair.

She said: "I saw this huge sort of greyness approaching.

"It just looked like something that you only ever see on the television, leaves whipping around and hailstones, great big hailstones.

"I thought the windows were going to pop out.

"It was absolutely terrifying and [there was a] deafening noise as well."

No horses were in the stable block at the time.

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