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Worcestershire teenager loses appeal against adoption

A Worcestershire teenager has lost her attempt to prevent her toddler from being adopted.

Lord Justice Munby refused permission for the 16-year-old, who has not been named, to appeal against a decision by Worcestershire County Court in April.

He also dismissed an appeal from the teenager's grandmother to look after the child, known only as L.

The judge said it was in the two-year-old's best interests that she be adopted.

'Sad reality'

The county court had previously decided that the child was not secure in the care of her mother, who it was said remained vulnerable and unable to look after her daughter.

Lord Munby said that L's mother had stressed to him that she had "matured immeasurably" but her application was not based on any change or circumstances.

He ruled that the county court was right to rely upon an up to date and detailed report by an independent social worker.

"The sad reality is that the mother had had her chance - she is not in any way to be blamed for that, but it is the sad reality," said Lord Munby.

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