Hereford & Worcester

Large Roman coin hoard uncovered at Bredon Hill

Worcestershire's largest-ever hoard of Roman artefacts has been uncovered, the county council has said.

Metal detector enthusiasts discovered thousands of coins, featuring 16 different emperors, at Bredon Hill, near Evesham.

The council said research was at an early stage, but the find was probably of national significance.

BBC Midlands Today reporter Giles Latcham said he understood about 4,000 coins had been found, mainly bronze.

Most of the coins are thought to date to the third century AD, although one featuring emperor Hadrian was produced in the second century.

It is believed the coins were found in a clay pot, and soil analysis suggested they were buried in about 350 AD.

At this time there was a revolt involving the Dobunni and Cornovii tribes, based in the Welsh Marches.

Worcester City Museum will hold a news conference about the discovery on Friday.

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