Redditch crematorium heat loss 'could warm pool'


Heat generated by a cremator in Worcestershire could be used to warm a swimming pool, a council has said.

Redditch Borough Council said heat loss from the town's crematorium would be a green way to heat Abbey Stadium pool.

The plans could save the Conservative-run council £14,000 per year and would be debated on 7 February, it said.

Union Unison said the proposals "are sick and an insult to local residents". It has called on the council to apologise for the "insensitive" plans.

A council spokesman said: "Redditch Borough Council recognises this is a sensitive proposal and is therefore keen to ensure everyone interested fully understands the details."

'Desperate policies'

It said the plans could help it to reduce its carbon emissions.

"The heat would otherwise be exhausted into the atmosphere," it added.

A series of briefings have been arranged for the press, public, funeral directors and faith groups on Thursday.

The council's executive committee will consider the results of public consultations on 1 February and the full council will debate the proposals on 7 February.

Roger McKenzie, the West Midlands regional secretary for Unison, said: "It goes to show yet again that the Conservatives know the price of everything and the value of nothing.

"Unfortunately, local authorities are increasingly pursuing desperate polices in a reaction to the unprecedented spending cuts imposed from Whitehall.

"This just shows that the government's slashing of funding is impacting on the ability of local authorities to provide our services."

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