Feckenham village shop is example of 'big society'

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The shop opened in 2009

A community-run shop in Worcestershire is being cited as an example of how David Cameron's "big society" can work.

Speaking on The Midlands Politics Show, Redditch MP Karen Lumley said the Village Store is a "brilliant" example of voluntary action which "helps our elderly".

The shop, in Feckenham, was set up in 2009 and is entirely run by volunteers.

Ms Lumley said such schemes should apply for a share of the government's £470m Community Trust Fund.

'Not a substitute'

Last month, the prime minister launched the project which he hopes will empower community groups running post offices, libraries, transport services and housing projects.

But Labour Peer Lord Hunt of Kings Heath warned on Sunday that volunteers could not always be "a substitute for essential government action".

He said that Spending Review cuts meant that "however much community action you have you can't replace the thousands of police that are going to be made redundant".

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